Meet Our Staff

Pastor Rene and Irene Gonzalez

Staff Missionaries (Central America focus)

Several years back, my wife and I were invited to take part in a Missionary trip.  We were hesitant and out of our comfort zone.  But we went because we felt God had a purpose for us because He had made this trip possible.  After experiencing and meeting all the wonderful people that God put in our path to minister with, we knew that this is what God's plan was for us.  We knew when it was the right time, God would move us out of the church and into the Mission Field. In April of 2018, I retired as a Pastor and in May of 2018 we had the honor and privilege to join Allow The Children.  We are excited and looking forward to serving our Savior in the Mission Field. May we serve faithfully with a heart filled with Gratitude!   Acts 1:8