Current Needs


In addition to our ongoing need of sponsors for children, we also have a number of other needs both in the office and out in the field. Below is a list of our current urgent needs.

supplies needed for our Current project


Allow The Women


Girls in our developing countries often struggle to deal with their menstrual cycle. Disposable products are rarely available and financially unobtainable. The girl may have no choice but to miss school and everything else in her life for five days a month.


We are making reusable menstrual pads to be taken to Nepal and Bangladesh in mid-October, AND a set for every teen girl in our sponsorship program (for all countries).


  • Sewing! We need 2000 shields 8000 pads and 1000 drawstring bags. Contact us for patterns!

  • Cutting! Use a pattern to cut the pieces then bring (or send) them to our office for someone else to sew

  • Donations of materials! We need donations of fabrics (cotton or cotton blends for the bags and flannel and polyurethane laminate for the pads and shields), girls cotton briefs (sizes 10, 12, 14, 16).

Administration supplies: postage, paper, printing, etc.

We find that people really like the fact that ALL of the money they designate is going for the child or project. But they also want their tax receipt. There are government compliance tasks which we must do and which cost money. Banks charge fees for services to wire funds internationally. We must have a web site and make promotional materials. We need to maintain computers and other office equipment. We need paper, printing and postage. The office administration is an important part of the ministry. 

Everything we do in the field depends on the efficiency and integrity of the office ministry in the U.S.

We are so grateful for those who help with the office needs.