Allow The Children keeps a list of pastors connected with our ministry who need additional help.  Many of these have received animals or fruit trees as part of our projects to help them meet the needs of their families.

Can your Sunday School class help one or two pastors with monthly support and faithful prayer?

We can provide a photo of the family and some information  about the pastor and his ministry.

$50/month helps to meet the needs of a pastor’s family 


Church planting projects: Send an evangelistic team to a new area to reach for the Lord.  They will start with a project, such as medical clinics, teaching topics such as health/hygiene, agriculture or literacy. Sometimes they even organize the people to build toilets! Relationships are built.  The gospel is shared.  An evangelist schedules to meet regularly with those who show interest in the Lord.  A cell group forms.  Bibles and hymn books are provided.  As interested people become believers a new infant church is born and begins growing towards maturity. A man might be invited to attend our pastor training modules.


  • Evangelistic Outreach Team - $500-2000 depending on # of team members, distance traveled and how many days out.

  • Bibles/Hymn books  - About $4 each, printed in country

  • Pastor training module - $1800 X 4 per year