Our medical clinic project this year was  for an earthquake affected area.  Up into the mountains we went almost higher than the vehicle was able to go.  We found people in need, not because of the earthquake alone but because  their villages were  far  away from medical facilities.   The country was also in the beginnings of a blockade preventing medical supplies  from coming into   ANY where in the country, so of course, the  more remote areas were at even greater disadvantage. 

Every member of the team served in a needed role-- just as the body of  Christ should function.  Some were preparing meals. Some were organizing and distributing the medicines.  Some carried boxes, set up and organized for each day's clinic.   Pastors  from the area met with the people, prayed with them, and offered literature.  The doctor was the reason the people came, but those who were willing heard the gospel.

We distributed  Allow The Women kits  and spent some time with each woman to show  her  how to use the supplies.  What a blessing it was to give  something so beautiful and so useful to women who had so little.