In the slums of the capital city in  Nepal, stood this modest concrete building where a little church   was born and  grew.  Over 100 people gathered weekly  within its walls for worship and various prayer groups throughout the week.  A widow's home attached to one side and a few toilets  were built behind it. In  Feb 2015, the city decided to build a retaining wall along the river in the slum. This church building was  bull dozed down along with many  of the makeshift homes that are typical in the slum community.  People who have almost nothing were running through cold and rain to salvage their few belongings from the bulldozers.  It is a horrible scene that I  can barely imagine and one that I am glad to have not witnessed. The church found a place to meet temporarily, but another building of their own is badly needed.  Praying for the Lord to show us each step.