Taking the gospel to the ends of the earth includes cities and valleys, mountains and remote villages.  It includes places that are physically difficult to travel and  politically difficult to reach. At  Allow, we are doing the best we can to cover the places the Lord has put before us. In  October 2014, we  took our medical team to some villages that required driving through creek beds-- not dry creek beds, but VERY wet ones.  In the rainy season, these people would not be accessible at all.   But on this day, the doctor for their  physical needs and the Scripture for their spiritual needs came to a village where visitors  are rare.  What will happen with the seeds planted on this day?  Only time will show us and maybe not even that-- but we did our jobs that day.  It was long and hot and busy.  My back was aching and I was dead tired at the end of the day.   But it was one of the best kind of " tireds" that there is and I hope to have many more of them.