Allow  The  Children has expanded to the west African nation of Ghana.  We made the initial trips in  January  to see whether there was something compatible with  Allow.  There WAS.  We found a  school ministry, managed and funded under a local  church. Like  our other ministries, there are strong believers  working who know how to reach and minister to their own people. Allow stepped in and funded  some remodeling of the small kitchen to enable better nutrition. Better food means better attendance.  We  provided uniforms for the children who  were not able to buy them.  We  provided books and consumable materials.  And-- we have set up a  sponsorship program to give some ongoing  financial help to this  school.  In return, we are expecting to see some educated and  gospel grounded Ghananian believers rising up from among  beggars and street venders and vegetable sellers.   

One of our board members and two members from his church traveled to Ghana in  June 2014.  They  taught and preached, worked on a building project, visited in homes and distributed gifts and school supplies to the children.