Burundi is a small and very poor country in southern  Africa. It has been a part of  Allow ministry for many years, but it is time now for  Michael and me to step up our involvement.   We sponsor children in a school for the  deaf and a school for the blind. We fund individual teaching sessions for Timothy  Bible  School in order to invest training in pastors.  And-- there is a delightful ministry called, "Rainbow Center," that  looks for foster grandmothers to care for orphaned and abandoned babies.  We sponsor the babies which greatly enhances the chances of a woman accepting them for care.
The weather in  Burundi was cool and very comfortable during our visit in  September 2014.  We enjoyed getting to know the  Burundi partners and the  American missionaries live and serve on the compound. We saw all of the  schools and other ministries in  progress  and updated our sponsorship records.  A member of our team  taught a session in the Timothy Bible School and three men  traveled to a more remote village area  to teach and preach for three days. Many  needs were apparent, yet the partners made good use of the resources they had.  It was a joy to see and learn of the growth over recent years and the vision for the future. Please pray for this little nation.  It has suffered war and poverty. It is land locked and surrounded by all kinds of threats-- but the  Lord is drawing out a people for His Name from  Burundi.