Allow The Children welcomes  Jannah  Cooter to our missionary staff.  She can paint and teach in the same day, with barely a break between the two!  Jannah will be helping  with the office work, and also with trips into our ministry countries.  She will be working on our projects, teaching the children, managing the sponsorship program and  helping with all of the tasks that make this ministry happen.

Jannah's words:  I cannot express my excitement and thankfulness to be an official Allow The Children missionary. I'm so grateful that Mrs.Cook asked me to volunteer 4 years ago. Many of you have supported me spiritually and financially as I have gone on mission trips that made my love for Allow the Children grow & I am beyond thankful! Please pray for me as I continue to learn in the U.S. office as well as out of the country & as I begin raising support for my ministry.