What a blessing!   After so long a time of searching and prayer, the Lord has led us to just the right place. We are just delighted with our new building.  We completed the renovations and move in  April 2014.  The best thing about it is that we have space to work.  No more stepping over boxes and  packing stuff up against the walls.  It is a beautiful, comfortable place to work.  The best thing about it is the wonderful location on Timberlake  Road.  It is a busy road where many people might see our sign. It is easy for our sponsors in this local area to drop by is also convenient to our church and the post office and supply stores. The best thing about it is that we have settled the "home base" issue and now we can get our minds back on the ministry fields.  The best thing about it is that the  Lord gave it to us in answer  to our needs. Thanks and praise to Him. Thanks so much to all of the volunteers who donated labor and many items to make this office ready for us.  Now we are ready  for company!   Please stop  in to see us.