Carine is almost 5 years old.  She was found sitting in the rubble of the 2010 earthquake in  Haiti. No relatives were ever found for her.  Someone brought her to a children's home where her needs could be met.  Carine sleeps in a clean, safe place. She  goes to school. She hears of the Savior who loves her. But the children's home, like most of Haiti, struggles in deep poverty. The children have very little above the necessities and sometimes, they do not even have that. Carine has very little clothing.  There is not much food.Water  for drinking or bathing must be carried in.  In  February, 2014, I visited  Carine's children's home with my daughter in law. The home is coming into Allow The Children's program.  Life will be getting better for Carine and the other children soon.  This is what we do-- well, it is one of the things we do.  I am excited to see it unfold once again. We need  sponsors for 21 children-- people who have been blessed of God enough so that they can bless others in return.  As the support comes in, we can provide meat and fruit for meals.  We can buy shoes and medicines, school supplies and maybe even a few toys.  We pray that the children will grow up to become strong, committed believers, ready to serve the Lord and to be witnesses among their own people.