Bangladesh is always an adventure.   I needed to visit two children's homes and one  village where we have a sponsorship program and  a meeting with  children of pastors/evangelists from  many areas of the country who  are under our sponsorship.  Children in  the photo are in the tribal "hill tracts"  area.   It is  high  in altitude,  far to travel,  far from  city and civilization.  No  American would  question the  term if  I called it  "remote mountains,"   but  Asians call them "hills"   if there are no snow caps.  Each of these children  is from a difficult life situation  with  extreme poverty as only one aspect of it.  It is doubtful  that  any one of them even  heard   the name of   Jesus before coming to the home.  Missionary work of any kind is strictly prohibited. There is a difficult permit process even for me to make the visit. But we can  support and  encourage  Bangla believers as  they work with these people.  One little children's home is there, with  30+  children learning of the Savior and preparing to  return as witnesses to their own people.  The ministry of a children's home is so much more than just feeding  and caring for the orphan. I  must drive for hours over  some of the roughest road conditions that there is to reach this home. Then walking for a while, crossing the Sangu  River...  things were dry going in, but the rain poured on the way out. We must pass several check points before a certain time on the way out, so it was not possible to wait for the rain to stop.   The  slick mud underfoot was just as  difficult as what was coming from the sky.   There was no choice but to sit and slide down the mud embankment,  which was at least  30 feet.   When  I stepped into the river to  rinse off the  mud, the current was  stronger than it looked.  It "took"  me and  I was on  my way down river,  making my way slowly across without the boat--  and with the rain still beating down.   I was already soaked anyway.   If you  are a sponsor of an  LFH   child, know that your new photo and progress report is hard won.