Every country where we work has its own special beauty,  but I find myself gasping at the Lord's amazing handiwork in  Nicaragua. The island  of Ometepe was  formed by volcanoes which are still active. Volcanic ash still forms a cloud at the  top of the volcano and  falls all  over the island. It takes more than an hour to reach the island by motorized boat. How did the original  people come and  WHY did they make the crossing?  But they did and today a thriving community populates the little island. We spent a few days   teaching the pastors and a separate class just for the wives.  Our team visited homes  during the day and preaching in a different village church every evening.  We distributed Bibles. We hope that we left some  bit of c blessing and knowledge for these beautiful people who serve the Lord on the island.

In the capital city of   Managua, our   Belen Home grows and thrives.  The children have mved to anew home since our last visit.  It has  more space and more yard.  These  young ones are growing up  well grounded in the faith that we hope they will carry back to their families  as they move into adulthood.