Action  Love  Children's  Home is our newest project.  Born out of the slum ministry in the capital city of  Nepal, the 10 boys were on the street last    April  ( 2012).  They  survived by begging and  foraging through  garbage for food. They lived  under conditions of the "poorest of the poor."  Some of them had families, but would be better off without them. Some of them had already been arrested for petty theft. Some of them were little boys alone in the world,  trying to live long enough to grow up.      After 6 months in our children's home, the transformation was amazing.   The street boys looked like children in any of our homes.   They were dressed in modest, but good clothing.  They were clean.   They carried book bags and they  dug through them for their books, and notebooks and pencils.  The house father  reported that he needed new school uniforms-- that they have already outgrown the ones bought in  April.  They were eating regularly for perhaps the first time in their lives-- and it brought about a growth spurt. As  I entered the home, they were having their devotions. The pastor/house father, came and went, torn between visiting with me and  directing the activities-- and  popping up to his own flat to prepare the food.  The boys continued in his absence, with one who seemed to be assigned to choose the songs to sing, to lead the prayer and to help some of the others to find the place where they were reading their Scripture. It might have been a little smoother if the pastor was  constantly present, but I was impressed with their ability and desire   for spiritual things.   Because--  Allow The Children is delighted to "rescue" a street boy. or any child who is orphaned, abandoned,  hungry, a victim of violence.   But the reason we do what we do is for them to know the  Savior and to have the same chance that all of us have to choose to  follow Him and serve Him. We do it to provide the means for a new young believer to become a strong, committed one.  Lord sent us to "make disciples."    We hope and believe that He is pleased to see some disciples come out of the slums and perhaps someday lead others out.