We have a new logo!  We have wanted  a new one for a while now, but found it to be a difficult task and a difficult decision.  A logo is an important issue for a business or a ministry. It is also harder than it would seem to find or make one. I  imagined that someone with artistic talent would simply doodle on a napkin while waiting for a meal in a restaurant and there the new logo would emerge.  But there is more to it than that.  A logo needs to be the right color and style.  It needs to communicate clearly and it needs to be something you  REALLY like because the logo is used on everything. We wanted something simple and professional, but  a little bit emotional.  We did not want cartoon characters nor something that looked stiff and stuffy.  We did not want a symbol that needed explanation. We did not want it to seem overly feminine or masculine or childish. We wanted it to be different from everyone else's,  but not  TOO different-- not wierd or offensive or funny or  plain. We wanted some color in it, but something that would also print well in  black and white, when needed. We wanted it to be easy to read.  We wanted it to fit in a square box for  Facebook and  T-shirts and all kinds of signs.  But we also needed  it to make a nice letterhead.   This was not too much to ask, was it?   Evidently all of these little things do add up to a challenge to the artist, because  I cannot remember exactly how long it has been that we have been thinking and wanting to make the change.     We talked to a number of different people about it and tried not to be shocked at the prices quoted by some of them. I guess a business  might pay  a few thousand dollars for something that could be drawn on a napkin, but this ministry was not going to do that. Finally, the Lord has given the answer-- and it came through the hands of our daughter in law. We are very pleased ( delighted!)  to present this final result which we will be using from 2013 and on. It is everything we wanted.