Allow  The Children has funded and
facilitated medical clinics  for about two weeks each year for a number of years now.  We set up in churches or whatever building is  made available to us-- or even the open air. Most of the people from the village can think of some reason to see the doctor.  Typical problems are skin  rashes, infections from insect bites, pain in the knees or any joints, gastric (heartburn)  discomfort. But we also see some potentially serious conditions suffered  by people who have little access to medical care.  They are hard busy days, but it is very satisfying to bring some help to these people.  For the Hindu people in each community, it might be the first time that they have come inside the church.  Now-- after meeting the pastor and some of the believers, it will be easier to join a worship or fellowship gathering in the future. As we are busy with the patients, other members of the team are filling their own roles. The pastors move among the people meeting them, praying for and with those who are open to that, building the relationships that will bear fruit in the future.  As the people wait for the doctor, a woman was sharing the gospel with her picture flip chart. Each time we hold the clinics, the  village churches grow. Many were hearing the story of a Savior who loves them for the very first time.
    One of the places where we held a clinic was at  our Maranatha  Children's  Home.  Last year,  we set up on the front porch, but this time, the church building was complete. We had prayed for it for years.  We were working on it and fund raising for it for years. Now the ground floor was  finished and we  were using the building for the very first time.   We look forward to  pastor training, gathering for our children's sponsorship program, medical clinics, and the growth of the infant  local church in this place.