Well,  what do you all-- the readers-- think?  Should we expand into Haiti in 2013? We have the opportunity to make a survey trip to visit a specific orphanage with a  good  partner contact and good ministry references. There are several smaller works that can also be visited.   Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Since the earthquake, the situation of orphans and other needy children are all the greater.  It is  a short plane flight  to go to visit and would be easy  to manage our program-- at least as far as time and distance is concerned. But- we do not need any more added to our work load.  Our small staff stays pretty busy as it is. Another country means more  travel, more paper work, more recruiting sponsors, more evaluation, accountability tasks and expenses.  I am sure there are many children in need in  Haiti, but we have no shortage of children in need.  And-- I am not attracted to Haiti-- not at all. When  I think of  Haiti,  I think of  dirt and disease,  hardships and heat-- all things  that  are true of Asian countries and no issue at all to me there.  Haiti is one of the few places on the planet that  I really have no desire to visit.  But that is  one reason  why I think this opportunity has come from the  Lord.  It has not come from my own desires.  I would like to add in a people group   from along the Amazon  River in  South  America. What a  delight it would be to see that famous river and the tropical birds and fish that have always delighted me. Or.... we have been asked many times to consider orphanages in  Mexico and  I am ready to go there. We've had some strong invitations to various places in  Africa   that seem to fit with what we do.  And  my love and longing for Asia is well known.  But it is not any of these, but Haiti which is  developing in  front of us now and just as in other countries, we are taking one step at a time.  Please pray with us as we consider this important decision.