One of the many tasks we are privileged to do on a mission trip is to distribute  Bible to people who do not have one.  It is a rare joy to place a copy of  God's Word into the hands of a believer who will use it and cherish it.  Bibles are printed and sold in  Nepal-- in the capital city, but it is not an easy thing to obtain one in the village, and so many people are so very poor that they cannot pay for it. As funds are available, we  provide Bibles for the children in our program checking that each one has a copy in the best language for him, whether that is Nepai or some tribal language or in some cases, English.  If the child is in an English medium school, he may not be able to read Nepali well, if at all, even though it is his first and native language. We also distribute them through our partner churches, which in turn carry many of them to their daughter churches. Finally, we use them in our evangelistic outreaches, including the medical clinics and the Jesus  Video projects.  During the medical clinics, for example, the pastors are busy moving  among the people  building relationships, inviting the people to the church and will give a Bible to those who show an interest. It is impossible to measure the impact of a  Bible in the hands of a believer, a pastor or a seeker.  It is a living ministry all its own with no need of our involvement beyond providing it.  It is a thrill to me every time we move through the process again-- ordering the Bibles, purchasing them, loading the heavy boxes into the vehicle and taking them down again at the place where we will distribute them.  Every hand  that I have seen receive one, handles it carefully and with great respect and gratitude.What a privilege.  May the Lord bless it and multiply and use His Word as only He can.