It always makes me sad  when there is only one child left to be sponsored in a children's home. It is not the child's fault in any way. When we have had photos laying out on a table, his just was not the one chosen.  When we had a sponsor request come into the office, we picked a different one.  Now, when we print out the list for this particular home, there are sponsor names beside every child name, except his.  Certainly,  he is getting food, clothing medical care and school just as the others receive. What he does not have is someone praying specifically for him  and someone interested in only him.  He will not be the only one who does not receive a letter.  There are many sponsors who do not write. But   I still feel some pressure to assign him.  The very next sponsor, who is willing to help a little boy in  Nepal and who does not choose a  different child from the website or from our table--will get this boy.     MCH-46   Rohan