I never really noticed bricks before this trip, but now I see them everywhere. Bricks are the pieces that fit together to make a building for teaching and worship. The building provides a place for the people to gather and a place for ministry to happen. For the last two weeks, I have been on site with 11 American men, who were contributing their time and skill and brute strength to making a church building for our people in a Nepali village. It fills my little brain to think of all the advance work that has gone into preparation for this missions venture both in Nepal and US, but there is a special feeling of satisfaction when a plan comes together and WORKS. The days are completed now and the work on the church continues. There is much left to be done, but for two weeks America and Nepal worked side by side. Folks walking along the road stopped to watch. It was not something you see every day. Before much longer, the building will stand and the village will multiply throughout the village. We hope that many will come to know the Lord. Many will grow through the teachings given. Pastors will learn and fellowship and encourage one another. And most of all, we hope that the heart of our dear Lord will be blessed by the worship. Bricks built the church, each one carefully laid in the correct place and mortared down to serve with those around us. Our lives and our ministries are built in. The same way- one piece at a time.