As I write, it is late on Friday night, and into the last 48 hours before I will leave once again for Nepal. That I love being in Nepal is without question. I do dread the long, miserable hours in an airplane seat that are necessary to get there, but I have done it many times before and I hope many more trips still to come. What I am pondering tonight are all the ways my life changes when I move from the US side of the ministry to the Nepal side-- or any of our ministry countries. My schedule for the day changes. My tasks change. My food changes. The language is different. Even my name is different. Everything is different and I love it. I know that what I do when I sit in front of my desk in US is very important for the goal of bringing help to the people, sponsorship for kids, funding for projects. But I do not need to consider very long to know which life I personally enjoy more. I begin longing for Nepal as soon as I get on an airplane to leave I am NEVER ready to leave, but tonight I realize that I do not feel ready to leave the US either. It almost feels like an imminent death. My life here is about to end-- for a month. Someone else will need to cover the day to day things that I normally do. Life here will continue- but without me. I will be living and serving in a different way, in a different place. It reminds me so much of heaven. I do long for the time when I will be with the Lord. I am sure I will have wonderful work to do there and I will love it more than here. I am ready to go in most sense, but not so excited about the events of passing from here to there. And-- I do not really want to leave here quite yet. There are a few more things I want to do, ducks to line up, T's to cross. But the time will come for each of us, will it not? Ready or not. There are a lot of people in Nepal who are not ready. They do not have the reason to long for eternity thatI have. Hope I can help just a little bit more as I go this time.