Spoken by the Nepali leaders…. When we have the church, we will move the worship meeting there. When we have the church,there will be space for all of the village pastors to meet for training. We will have a place to hold the medical outreach here, when we have the church. We would love to have a children’s conference for all the Allow children in this area. We will do it after we have the church. We will train the teens in Maranatha Home in community outreach, after we have the church. Yes, we could do that, but there is no place to meet for a gathering like that. The church should have a concrete roof ( not a tin roof) so that we can build Sunday School rooms up there someday. A team of men will be going in January, 2012 to build this church. In the meanwhile, we need to raise $33,000 for materials and building costs. Current total in hand is $13,000. Please pray for this important project.