Many projects that we pursue in life seem to move at a “two steps forward, one step back” rate. So it is with our children’s homes in Bangladesh. Light and Flame completed building and received 25 children just this year. This is an outreach among the “hill tribe” people, who live in a place Americans would consider mountains—but in this part of the world, they are not called mountains unless they have year round snow. I visited the home for the first time since operation began. Of the 25 children, one has not yet come because of a recurring case of scabies. He is certainly being re-infected in the place where he is now living, but if we bring him now, we will be struggling with it too. One child has moved since he was processed for the home and now cannot be found. Two were “pulled back” by relatives who decided not to release them. Almost all of those we have are orphans or “half” orphans ( one parent died). All are in various stages of malnutrition. Many of them had clothing that does not fit. One little girl had a button top with no buttons, therefore the shirt did not close across her chest. Winter is coming. We need to send funds for basic clothing, jackets, hats and shoes. It is a long and difficult walk from the mountains to a place where anything can be purchased. The partner has been busy trying to outfit them with school uniforms, notebooks and pencils—all necessary things. He also asked for $ to set up the solar powered lights that are the only option for this area. I was pleased to see that they have chickens, pigs, goats and vegetables planted. They have been in the home for only a short time, all from non-believing homes, but they know praise songs and easily joined in prayer. The house parents are doing their job. They are discipling a little group of witnesses for a place with as much spiritual need as physical. Praying that the Lord will call out many people for His Name from this small beginning.