August 2011 has only just come, but I know (because all of the other months are the same) it will be gone very quickly. We have just sent out the annual updates to sponsors and now turn our attention towards preparation for the RACE DAY-- August 27- a project that will hopefully bring some funding for our projects and awareness in general for our work. The next trip for me (Sue) launches 24 September. We need to have letters for children in Bangladesh and Nepal ready for that departure. During this time, I will be visiting all of our ministries in Bangladesh and Nepal, doing necessary tasks for managing the sponsorship, teaching, meeting with the leaders of each area and ending with medical clinics in the last week of October through the first week of November. We are still waiting for Govinda's visa approval and hope to bring him in to work with us. And-- we are forming a building team in January for a project in Nepal to build a village church. Dates for the Guatemala trip have not been firmly set yet, but we WILL be taking a group to Guatemala in June 2012, possibly two groups next year, if interest continues to grow.