"I have four more missions," my soldier son, in Iraq, told me. He is expecting to return to the US soon, but the exact date cannot be known. One thing he does know is that he has four more special assignments to complete. Four more times, he needs to do-- whatever it is that he does-and then his part of the plan is finished. Hopefully, he and the others in his unit will start packing up and preparing for the trip home. I wonder how many more "missions" I have? This summer, I had one-- to Guatemala and Nicaragua. As a result, our team did some things that we hope left blessing and encouragement for some people who need it. Now, I am preparing for another mission-- this one to Nepal. It is going to be a busy time. We have plans that we hope will influence eternity. How many more "missions" will I have? I hope the answer is a LOT. I hope there are many, many more assignments for me where I can be the hands and feet and voice of my God and He uses me to move yet another piece of His plan into place.