Jeremiah is an interesting fellow. He did not want the job of prophet and did not have an especially successful career at it-- but God ORDAINED him as a prophet for the nations and it does seem that he followed faithfully. I have been studying and praying over Jeremiah and a few other passages for over a week now, as I prepared for the Bible conference that was completed today. Sometimes, when I prepare messages, they just seem to come out of my hands. I read some Scripture and perhaps a commentary to help me start. Then I lay my hands on the keyboard, think of a title, and by that time, my fingers are usually flying to keep up with my thoughts. I did not have that experience this time. The preparation was a struggle and my little brain seemed to be having an off day- every day. Sin can cause that, or excessive stress(probably covered in the sin category) or maybe the Lord just was not going to give me a message from His Word. I couldn't agree more that I am an unlikely vessel, yet here I am. By the grace of God, I am what I am (I Cor 15:10), Paul wrote, and it applies to me as well. I had four messages ready before the start of the conference yesterday. I taught in one of our partner churches in Butwal, then repeated the same material for a village daughter church today. IT WAS SO HOT. It has been a while since I have taught in these conditions and I think I was at least a year younger at the time. No need to worry about any stage fright as I struggled to survive-- breathing, thirst, lethargy, sleepiness (though I'd had a full night's rest)were all factors in my own life and the listeners seemed only slightly better adapted. Now, after the conference ended this afternoon, we drove six hours to Trust Home. They were having their devotion late, but I went straight to the fellowship room from the car and arrived in time to teach. With nothing else prepared, they got a few nuggets from Jeremiah's life and will get a few more tomorrow morning. I love being here-- at Trust Home. I only have two nights, but it is enough to refresh and encourage me.