Timothy Home has increased one to make a total of seven boys,living in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Somaj is very small for the eleven years of life he claims and certainly undernourished. He has spent those eleven years in a village, a far different life from the busy city. CLASS THREE was stated as his education, but the local school here tested him and assigned class one. It is not likely that he had ever seen a foreigner before and certainly never been close to one, never been photographed by one-- but we have to do that to prepare for a --yet unknown-- sponsor who will join us to provide for his needs. He has no idea what is about to happen to him, what his life will be like or how to grasp so many new experiences. He is wearing clothing that belongs to the other boys. But-- he has a clean bed in a safe place and a full stomach, just since last night. If he will study faithfully, he will get a good education and he will be fully involved in the strong children's program of one of our partner churches, only a short walk away. Please pray for Somaj as he faces this adjustment period.