Today, I stood on the land which will be the new home for Maranatha Children's Home in Nepal. They always told me it was BIG, in fact they told me exactly how big, but it was too hard for my little brain to compare Nepali ropani to American acres. I saw the land when we first bought it, but crops were growing and the boundaries were impossible to identify. But this time was different. The crops have been harvested and the perimeter wall has been built. WOW. The land is completely flat, which is difficult to find in Nepal. It is in a quiet village, a little far from the main road-- which makes transportation inconvenient, but everything else-- such as noise, safety, etc is better. The well is the next step and it is in progress. They want to make a "deep bore" well, rather than the less expensive, but more common hand dug variety.The main advantage is that the deep bore water is drinkable. The partner shared the plans for the place to put the house. Much of the land will still be in crops-- used for important training for these kids who will need to survive back in their villages and also important for providing a lot of their own food. The dream that we have dreamed for the past few years is starting too happen. Please pray for this important ministry. We hope to have space for 50 children and a training center for pastors and Village Evangelism gatherings--medical clinics, literacy training, sewing. We also want to plant a church on the property. The children will be "interns" in the outreach programs and in the life of the church. Maranatha! O Lord Come!