I seem to spend my life these days confused about whether I am in "recovery from trip" mode or "preparing for trip" mode. People are asking me if I am really busy (YES), when I am leaving again (12 APRIL), if they can still get a letter in for their sponsored child (YES, but QUICKLY PLEASE). On Monday evening,I will be enduring the hours once again that are necessary for travel to Nepal, but once I arrive, my life will shift to a completely different kind of busy-- and I long for that to come. Please pray for the decisions that must be made-some that will effect a child's life for years to come. My own part in this will be small. One of our pastors or children's home partners will have already evaluated a situation before it come to me. Please pray for the teaching/presenting of God's Word. I am already scheduled for the third day after I arrive in the country. With so many small issues filling my mind and time, I cannot focus on preparation here, but the pressure will be fully upon me soon. And finally, please pray that whatever comes, however Allow is impacting the beloved in Nepal that it will fully please our Lord.